Altfield mobile
15 December, 2016
True Taiwan

A new hotel in the Da’an District of Taipei offers guests an immersive experience in the local design scene. By...Read More

07 September, 2016
Pon Ding

A chance encounter four years ago at a Bangkok design fair between Japanese designer Yoichi Nakamuta and married couple Indonesian...Read More

07 September, 2016
Oyster Bar

The Fujin Tree lifestyle brand helped put the Songshan District of Taiwan on the map with its charming tree-lined residential...Read More

07 September, 2016
Tang Ao

Taiwan’s famed National Palace Museum collection is expanding its exhibition space while adding an architectural element with its new Southern...Read More

07 September, 2016
A Sense of Permanency

Interior designer Alexi Robinson brings understated luxury with a touch of Scandinavia to this The 250-square-metre flat overlooking the Sun...Read More

group portrait
17 June, 2016
Rising Stars

CHIHIRO TANAKA, JAPAN Can you briefly describe your work? My designs explore the multifarious expressions of light through an ongoing...Read More

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Plate_Shiang Design
11 October, 2016
Mindful Living

Design Anthology / Lane Crawford Once the domain of new-age hippies, mindfulness is increasingly recognised as a way to improve...Read More

04_living_hammock _Key image
03 October, 2016
Future Living

Design Anthology / Lane Crawford We don’t live the way we used to — especially in Asia. Families are smaller...Read More

BAITASI REMADE_Soft City-Octopus Pavillion_Max Gerthel Studio&Tectonicus (1)
26 September, 2016
Beijing Design Week 2016

Design Anthology is excited to be partnering with Beijing Design Week (BJDW) this year for the very first time. The...Read More

Ink by Jasper Morrison
10 September, 2016
Home Work

Design Anthology / Lane Crawford The modern workplace is constantly changing and expanding to incorporate increasingly vast and unexplored areas....Read More