The Zen Collection by L’OBJET

To mark the global exclusive launch of L’OBJET’s new dining capsule collection for Lane Crawford, we asked founder and creative director Elad Yifrach about his process, inspiration, and how the ancient art of Zen can nourish both body and mind


Design Anthology: What are the characteristics of a signature L’OBJET piece?

Elad Yifrach: Graceful design with purpose and function.  

Can you give us some insight into the design and making processes behind L’OBJET pieces?

I always start with a point of inspiration; it can be a place, a point in history or an imaginary world. Then I make a model with form and function in mind. The final details are always the exciting ones, as they bring the piece to life and give it its most notable character.

What is the inspiration behind the Zen collection?


Inspired by decorative coromandel screens, I designed this collection by focusing on the contrast between the earth and sky. The branches and clouds are complemented by the gestural simplicity of the calligraphic symbol for Zen, which flows throughout modern coupé-shaped vessels from our design archives. These decorative details give the surface a shine of 24-carat gold and deep blue jewel tones. The collection is a harmonious reminder to enjoy the ceremony of eating well as part of our unending quest for a more zen lifestyle.

Can you tell us about the crossover between traditional and contemporary in the Zen collection?

To me, traditional and contemporary can’t live without each other. In the Zen collection, I used elements from the traditional meanings and tried to bring them to life so that they relate to the way we live today.

How did you come to use the calligraphic symbol for ‘Zen’ as the thread that ties to collection together?

I wanted to make an homage to one of the most iconic symbols that reminds us to slow down and live in the moment — the world is moving at such a fast speed that time and well-being have truly become the biggest luxuries. The ceremony of eating is a way we honour our body and nurture it. I wish we took the time to slow down more, and to be more ‘zen’ and present when we sit down to a meal. It adds more purpose to the way we live our life and nurture our body.


One of the principles of L’OBJET is that ‘Luxury is not determined by what an object costs, but instead by what it is worth.’ In this sense, how does one measure the worth of an object?

The worth of an object is only what is worth to you as the user. Some objects hold a lot of emotional attachment and memories, these are priceless. When I design, I try to bring soul to the object and hope the audience feels and connects with it — that’s the true value. It’s the same in the art world, where value is not always measured in price.

Text / Simone Schultz
Images / Until Chan
Styling / Esther van Wijck

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