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The Nate Studios in Hong Kong is not your typical co-living arrangement


Communal living — or co-living — is by no means a new trend, and it’s possible in cities all around the world. It not only allows younger people to afford the cost of city living, but caters to those who’ve adopted a modern minimalist lifestyle and want to live with a lighter footprint.

Enter The Nate Studios in Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui neighbourhood, the latest residential project from boutique real estate developers District15. A first in the city, Hong Kong’s urbanites now have the option of a short-term studio rental option that allows them to book and pay online.

But forget any ideas of communal bathrooms or dorm-style living; The Nate offers something different altogether. In fact, District 15 co-founder Alexander Bent makes a point to distance The Nate from the ‘co-living’ label. ‘A lot of people talk about co-living these days.We don’t use that label because The Nate is so much more than what the term traditionally implies. Our goal was to depart from the herd and create a fun, comfortable and more luxe studio living experience,’ he explains.

The private studios (of which there are 71, ranging from 12-24 square metres in size) are fitted with the essentials, including generous under-bed storage space, KEF speakers, televisions with Airplay function, and large windows that allow natural light in (a feature that is somewhat uncommon in Hong Kong apartments). The communal spaces include a central kitchen area on the top floor, with six individual kitchens, high-quality appliances and cookware, and an inviting lounge around the preparation areas, with expansive views over the harbour. Here, guests can share meals, socialise, work, or even host their own visitors. ‘It’s just the right recipe for city living – premium living made affordable, thoughtfully designed, convenient and a bit of fun,’ says Bent, echoing a sentiment shared by District15’s second co-founder Dinesh Nihalchand, who calls it ‘plug-and-play for urban living’.

With developments that span residential and commercial, District15 promotes design and creativity as two factors that can lead to vibrant communities and neighbourhoods. The Nate is no exception, and here the design was undertaken by Hong Kong design studio Charlie & Rose, responsible for a number of the city’s best-looking drinking and dining spots.

Throughout, from the rooftop and laundrette to the individual studio spaces, the decor incorporates raw yet refined materials, like warm walnut and brass, complemented by a palette of charcoal, white and emerald green. Some of the furniture was designed in-house for the property, while other pieces are contemporary Danish designs. According to Charlie & Rose founder Ben McCarthy, The Nate is more like a ‘vertical village’. When designing the private and public spaces, McCarthy focused on creating a sense of community and a feeling of being at home. ‘Combining vibrant materials, bespoke fittings and vintage elements, the creative use of space creates a comfortable and welcoming domain that residents will happily call home,’ says the designer.

Text / Simone Schultz
Images / studio8ight