The Niche Showcase

If you've ever visited a jewellery and gem exhibition in Asia, you would have noticed entire sections and floors dedicated to pieces coming from Thailand. 

Bangkok gem jewellery fair.jpg

A renowned source of jewellery craftsmanship, Bangkok hosts its own Gems and Jewelry Fair, taking place this September for its 62nd year, and backed by the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, where everything from gold to diamonds is traded. But the fair also aims to spark inspiration and conversation over the various trends in the industry through The Niche Showcase, which features five main trends for the year and selected pieces that reflect those trends. 

Spiritual power1.jpg

The first of these, called The Moment, explores accessories for special occasions, be they weddings or Chinese New Year, that are celebrated across Asia, particularly in India and China where auspicious dates and the exchange of jewellery go hand in hand. The pieces shown are influenced by nature, and are as delicate as they are intricate. Metro Men, on the other hand, displays gender-fluid pieces, like silver rings and bracelets that can be worn by both men and women, all in a textured rope motif that gives the jewellery a more casual touch. Pieces in line with the Spiritual Power trend are inspired by ancient beliefs in healing gemstones and the mystical nature of certain stones, some of which prevail today. Think a hammered silver necklace stamped with animal-head figures to evoke the spirit animals of yore.

The Beyond Jewellery section explores pieces outside of traditionally worn jewellery. Extending into the lifestyle space with phone cases that have decorative elements made from precious stones, the accessories are often as luxurious as jewellery themselves. And last but not least, the crown jewel (pun intended) of the show this year is the Heritage and Craftsmanship section, which highlights jewellery honouring cultural influences and local savoir faire. Beautiful representations come in the form of asteroid-shaped earrings from the Big Bang collection inspired by the raw shapes and space-like hues of tourmaline, and geometric gold and opal earrings from The Compass Collection inspired by the ancient tools of navigation. 

Guests will also have a chance to go behind the curtain of this showcase and witness live jewellery making demonstrations by the masters from the Thai Goldsmith Association, where tricks of the trade like invisible setting, gemstone carving and metal forming will be performed.

Text / Chloe Tan