Mean Noodles

What do you get when a Cornell graduate architect is also a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef? You’d expect nothing less than this delectable hole-in-the-wall

Mean Noodles is the passion project of partners in life and work - Caroline Chou and Kevin Lim of OpenUU, The name is a riff on the phonetic pronunciation of the word noodles in Cantonese ‘mean’, and a play on the alternative, hipper meaning of the word, to have a ‘mean bowl of noodles’.

Tucked away in an alley in Hong Kong’s Sheung Wan neighbourhood the casual noodle shop displays the couple’s love of good design and good food. Vintage-inspired elements are the main motif — starting with the metal window and door frames that compose the façade. The nostalgia continues inside with retro-looking glazed tiles that the designers sourced in Spain. Installed in a patchwork fashion, a mix of solid colour and groovy floral patterns are reminiscent of a Batik fabric. Entirely appropriate that both the fabric and the food have roots in South East Asia.

The comfort factor extends beyond the food too — with USB outlets easily accessible from the counter seats and ladies will rejoice at hooks provided for handbags!

Text / Suzy Annetta
Images / Nirut Benjabanpot