A Bright and Light City Home

Inspired by Japanese spatial and aesthetic concepts, a refined material palette gives the Light Apartment a minimalist and luxurious character


In their design of the Light apartment in the heart of cosmopolitan Singapore, local interior design firm Right Angle Studio adhered to the Japanese spatial concept of ma, which involves the principles of negative space and leaving room for intervals of quiet contemplation and reflection. Their response to the concept is a monochrome colour palette and a subtly luxurious melange of textures and materials. The space is planned in a rectilinear configuration that allows for open views to the living and dining areas, though a fluted glass screen at the entrance cordons off the dining area and provides some privacy, and access to the bedrooms and washrooms is discreetly hidden. Touches of greenery contrast with the muted scheme and add to the tranquility, echoing the Japanese aesthetic inspirations and rounding out the soothing city abode.

Text / Babette Radclyffe-Thomas
Images / Jonathan Danker (Ansel Media)