The Colours of Indonesia

ID12 celebrates its 10-year anniversary with a ‘soulfully Indonesian’ exhibition that offers a vision of modern living inspired by the country’s rich history

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ID12 — an abbreviation for 12 Indonesian Interior Designers — is an association of the country’s interior design luminaries. They were brought together 11 years ago by Erna Nureddin for a collaboration between the designers and Laras magazine, where each would work on one issue over the course of a year. Following such thoughtful match-making, the relationship between the dozen designers has only grown stronger over the years since. As they found themselves in the same circles and working on the same projects, they decided to come together as the ID12 and have since pioneered the creative collaboration known as ‘The Colours of Indonesia.’ Chairman Ary Juwano puts the success of ID12 over the years down to the fact that although they work in the same field, ‘each one of us instils individual style and taste – perhaps this is what holds us together.’

This year marks the 10th anniversary of ID12, and the third iteration of ‘The Colours of Indonesia.’ Since much of their work hadn’t made it into the public sphere (due to the often-private nature of interior design), the group conceived the exposition to showcase the practice and potential of interior design, and at the same time, highlight how design in Indonesia celebrates the country’s rich and multi-cultural history.

Following the two previous editions (in 2014 and 2016), this year’s theme was suitably ambitious. The Maison 12 Suite Apartment is a fully-realised residential building, comprising a showroom/marketing gallery, apartments, gardens and a community cafe. Within this framework, ID12 offers a glimpse into what modern, vertical living could look like in Indonesia’s sprawling and ever-growing cities (particularly Jakarta).

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Ary Juwono was responsible for the marketing gallery, which reflected ‘The Spirit of Sumba’ with eclectic traditional accents fused with contemporary style.

The three-bedroom suite was a collaborative effort by Agam Riadi, Anita Boentarman, Joke Roos, Shirley Gouw and Vivianne Faye. The designers reflected ‘The Soul of Java’ by placing custom-designed mid-century pieces alongside Javanese design and furniture.

Prasetio Budhi, Roland Adam, Sammy Hendramianto S and Yuni Jie brought ‘The Voyage of Borneo’ to life in the two-bedroom apartment, with Indonesian craftmanship at the helm of the modern family home.

Indonesia’s eastern archipelago was represented by experimental duo Eko Priharseno and Reza Wahyudi, who designed decorative elements inspired by ‘The Mystical Papua’. The combination of monochrome and warm hues in the one-bedroom apartment represents the traditional homes of Papua, reinterpreted for a younger generation of city-dwellers.

More than just a home, Masion 12 Suite Apartment offers a ‘living experience,’ so in addition to the exceptional architecture and interior design, the exterior features gardens and spaces designed by Amalya Hasibuan from Eshcol Gardening and Landscape.

Rounding off the concept is Cafe12, an in-house amenity that offers something different: a clean and modern aesthetic where designers, manufacturers and the public can meet, discuss ideas, and develop designs. Here, Eko Priharseno wanted to create an open exchange within the community and showcase the ID12 design process, complimented by a photo exhibition in the café that shows ID12’s journey over the past 10 years.

Befitting this momentous milestone, the third edition of ‘The Colour of Indonesia’ simultaneously pays tribute to the association’s heritage and offers a promising vision for the future.

Text / Simone Schultz
Images / Courtesy of The Colours of Indonesia