Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design


The 2017 edition of Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design (ICAD), its eighth, was bigger and bolder than ever before, involving collaborations with more than 60 artists and designers and taking place over six weeks from 4 October to 15 November. Every year ICAD works around one theme; this year its aim was to expand the dialogue around 'essentialism', represented by the title MURNI?, a uniquely Indonesian word connoting 'pure'.

Each participant was invited to question the essence of art and design, rather than increasing the conventional gap between the two disciplines. Through the theme, participants explored their own practices by a series of interactions with individuals from a non-fine art field, such as industry and public community.

As part of its aim to make art and design more accessible, ICAN displayed an exhibition of work in the public spaces of the grandkemang Jakarta. Running concurrently was a series of conventions on art, design, architecture and film.

With participants including Abie Abdillah, Alvin Tjirtowirjo and Antonio S Sinaga it just proves that Indonesia’s got talent.