Designer Q&A - Jean-Louis Deniot

Portrait JL Deniot

Portrait JL Deniot

French Designer Jean-Louis Deniot has certainly taken the design world by storm in the 15 years since establishing his eponymous Paris-based design studio. His high-end residential projects span the continents and he has designed furniture collections for Jean de Merry, Pouenat and Marc de Berny. Deniot shares with Design Anthology eight of his favourites.

Design Anthology: What are you reading at the moment?

I mostly buy art and architecture books. I recently bought a set of books on the Vienna Secession period, Austria 1910 architecture, and furniture, lighting and glass pieces. It’s a very inspiring period if you want to achieve the most current 80s revival look.

What are you listening to?

I’m a Sonos addict. It’s a great system to access music wherever you are. I wake up to electronic music and listen to it pretty much all day. Music stimulates and inspires me. There’s a playlist on Spotify called Lounge/Soft House that I enjoy very much. It’s a great sound to both relax and work to.

Your favourite restaurant?

It depends on the when and where. Sunday brunch at Chateau Marmont in LA, dinner at Omar’s in New York, lunch at Mandolin in Miami, drinks at LouLou’s in London, lunch at Le Bistrot de Paris in Paris, dinner at Villa Joséphine in Tangier. I also love Cafe Pushkin in Moscow, but the best is always to eat at someone’s home!

All-time favourite design item?

Ado Chale tables in bronze or semi-precious stone mosaic, used as large dining or coffee tables. The most timeless and most mixable design icon ever.

Colour of the moment?

Khaki green, in felt or matte wall paint, mixed with grey and tarnished gold touches in furnishing or lighting.

Favourite fashion house?

Chanel, by far, for the house codes, Coco’s symbols, the chic, timeless, modern qualities. Chanel pieces never go out of style. They can be handed down from generation to generation. The same is true of Hermès.

Best museum/gallery?

The PAMM museum in Miami for its exceptionally curated collections and incredible diversity. As for shopping, I remain a flea market addict — Paris, Los Angeles and Tangier among many locations. I enjoy selections which have not yet been edited. I like the confrontation of pieces from different provenances.

Favourite movie?

I watch quite a lot of movies on the plane. One that stayed with me is Maps to the Stars starring Julianne Moore. I adore her, anything she does. She was amazing in Boogie Nights.