Classic Beauty

Executive Editor of Town&Country Philippines, Alycia Sy writes for us on the joy of designing her own home and the effort that goes into collecting her rather unique assemblage of curios and objet d’art:

‘Our home is populated with things we love, including many vintage and antique pieces. Our idea, however, was never to showcase a collection. We don’t think of ourselves as collectors because we purchase and curate pieces to use and live with. While provenance does become a concern if an antique is offered at a premium price, our choice to purchase is ultimately arrived at out of utility and aesthetic value.’

‘What I enjoy most about our antique pieces is that we can showcase them in a contemporary setting, demonstrating that they are as relevant today as they were during the time of their production. The assemblage of furniture, paintings and accessories from different periods and places across the globe, including the Philippines, India, Europe and China, still works together cohesively throughout, as one space blends comfortably into the next.’