A Chinese Medicine Centre Inspired by Spirituality

AFFD Space Design Firm has created a fresh, modern and light-filled healthcare centre for a centuries-old medicine brand


In designing Chinese medicine brand Tong Ren Tang’s healthcare centre in Beijing, local studio AFFD Space Design Firm drew on traditional Chinese culture to create a tranquil environment for patients seeking the company’s signature treatments.  

Throughout the spacious and light-filled centre the design team has incorporated references to traditional Chinese elements, especially the symbolism of the circle. The circle’s connotations of Taoist ideas of yin and yang, and its relationship with nature were key to the design. The ceiling is adorned with three interlinked circles that were inspired by the Chinese proverb ‘Three suns create fortune’. Curves and arched LED lighting feature throughout, creating an intimate and nurturing ambiance. 

A narrow entrance leads into the larger main atrium, where spaces and meeting rooms are enclosed by striking semi-transparent glass. Three office spaces, including the primary medical practitioner’s studio, face east to maximise natural light.

Sensitive to the visitors’ varying emotional states when coming in for consultations and treatments, the designers used a soft and calming colour and materials palette. Pale marble and wood give an elegant edge, and traditional Chinese art hangs on the walls of the centre. 

This sleek and tranquil space elegantly references the Chinese heritage of this historic healthcare brand while prioritising patients’ wellbeing and state of mind.  

Text / Babette Radclyffe-Thomas 
Images / Shi Yunfeng