A Live-Work Unit Inspired by European Art history

Bold colours reign supreme in CHI-TORCH’s new space in Taipei


In Taiwan’s capital city, the founders of CHI-TORCH interior design have transformed a 40-year old, 40-square-metre apartment into their new office and living space. Chloe Kao and Ciro Liu took their design cues from the hotel room that they stayed in during their honeymoon in Europe, which coincided with Liu being awarded a design prize at a ceremony they attended on the same trip.

The idea was that the couple’s new working and living space should evoke the aesthetics, emotions and memories of that milestone trip. Overall, the design is inspired by the rich history of European classical art. At the centre of the communal area, a pop of fuchsia stands out among the bold blues that envelope the rest of the space, interspersed with mustard and gold accents. According to Kao, the colour combination was selected to reflect the rational, innovative, calm and passionate qualities that a designer should have.

The spatial layout caters to the dual need for privacy and interconnectedness, and demarcations between the studio and private areas come in the form of movable glass and mirror partitions. An abundance of natural light brightens the dark-hued space, creating a lively and bold atmosphere that befits a creative studio and its founders’ home.

Text / Babette Radclyffe-Thomas
Images / FineStudio