Caravan Hapejong

One success often leads to another. The story of Caravan began in 2016 when Australian designer David Flack, founder of Flack Studio, received a call from Jessica Chung and Adam Kane. The duo were tapping him to design Caravan Hapejong, their first brunch restaurant in Seoul. Within 72 hours, Flack was in Korea, meeting with the Australian expats and sealing the deal. 

Now two years on, the couple have opened a sister restaurant. Located in Seoul’s Dosan Park — the heart of Gangnam’s old garment district — Caravan 2.0 occupies a 120-square-metre space inspired by 1950s-era Italian design with a clear emphasis on craft, texture and handmade elements. ‘It was important for the two spaces to share the same spirit and storytelling, however, both reflect their surrounding districts,’ says Flack. ‘Rather than creating a themed idea of an Australian restaurant, the original brief was more about feelings and moments. The owners discussed childhood memories about what Australia meant to them. It was very much about the positive effects of immigration on the local design and food scene.’

In Caravan 2.0, large exposed ceilings contrast with the marble pattern flooring of different colours and shapes, which give a sense of movement. Powder blue Featherston Scape dining chairs by Grazia & Co. complement leather booths and bespoke walnut screens inlaid with rattan and mirror, evoking nostalgia with a contemporary twist. On the walls, custom brass sconces by Flack Studio and commissioned abstract paintings by Melbourne-based artist Jahnne Pasco-White make the space vibrant with the right dose of luxury. ‘With a focus on calm, sophisticated detailing, while retaining a lighthearted approachability and a playful toughness, this project is characteristic of our style,’ says Flack.

Text / Karine Monié
Images / Sharyn Cairns