Axel and Boris Vervoordt


Text & Images / Michael Paul

Axel Vervoordt occupies a unique place in the art and design world. Esteemed collector, curator, antiquarian and world-renowned designer, his vast knowledge of art and his profound personal philosophy have resulted in a highly individual approach — and an aesthetic that has strong influences from the East. Today the award-winning Axel Vervoordt Company continues to set standards that other interior designers can only aspire to while looking on with envy at his prestigious client list. Design Anthology had the rare opportunity to meet with Vervoordt in the magical setting of his fabled 12th-century castle near Antwerp, Belgium, and at the same time spoke via conference call with his son Boris in New York. Now overseeing the daily management of the family business, Boris is well on his way to becoming another Vervoordt art and design luminary.