Altamount Apartment

A family apartment in Mumbai strikes a dynamic balance

A family apartment in Mumbai has been given a glamorous facelift by architect and tastemaker Ashiesh Shah. Located in a high-rise tower with stunning views out across the city and beyond to the sea, the expansive 1000-square-metre sunlit space is home to a family of six.

The brief to Shah was to design a space that was versatile and dynamic. The couple, in their 40s, wanted space where they could entertain and yet somewhere that was comfortable and relaxing. Added to that were the couple’s four children, ranging in age from their teens to early 20s and each with an opinion about how their own spaces should be designed.

The level of luxe in this home is immediately evident upon arrival. A bespoke mosaic floor by SICIS paves the way to the public areas, where much of the entertaining is enjoyed. An L-shaped dark blue sofa by De La Espada offers an intimate spot for conversation and is juxtaposed against artworks by Sandeep Mukherjee and Minam Apang. The adjacent dining room is much more graphic in its styling, featuring a mirror work by Rajorshi Ghosh. While more relaxed, the master bedroom still has hints of pizzazz with its graphic silk starburst motif curtains by Jim Thompson.

Creating a home that was seamless while catering to everyone’s taste was the goal, and Shah has risen to the challenge.

Text / Suzy Annetta
Images / Fabian Charuau