A New Lease on Life

This petite Sydney home is brought to life by contemporary additions to its existing structure


In the historic and residential Sydney suburb of Randwick, Brcar Morony Architecture has renovated a semi-detached single-storey home into a sleek design-led space.

The design team started by demolishing the existing structure found at the rear of the property, and then replaced it with a brand new first floor addition that now houses a master bedroom, large wardrobe and en suite. In the newly created void above the dining room is a plate steel staircase that connects the existing living and dining rooms to the new spaces. The staircase’s eye-catching graphic profiled edge uses black joinery and flows into the new matte black wardrobe, which omits a need for walls by acting as a room divider and conceals the bathroom entry.

At the core of the home’s design is a neutral and monochromatic material and colour palette. Larch timber floorboards and a hallway skylight offset black joinery and white surfaces, while colourful art and objects punctuate the restrained colour palette.

Text / Babette Radclyffe-Thomas
Images / Justin Alexander