Art Basel 2018 HK mobile
06 September, 2017
wHY Chiang Mai

The recent design for a Chiang Mai residence by interdisciplinary  design firm wHY incorporates leaf-shaped roofs to extend a lyrical...Read More

06 September, 2017
Ausara Surface

Combining traditional craft with innovative fabrication techniques, Ausara Surface brings unconventionality and a passion for exploration to its experimental fabric...Read More

06 September, 2017
Hotel, Chiang Mai

The bijou resort Villa Mahabhirom (meaning ‘villa of great pleasure’) in the foothills of the Doi Suthep-Pui National Park just outside...Read More

06 September, 2017
ASWA Gallery

On the outskirts of Bangkok, architecture firm ASWA have designed an introverted building, incorporating a personal studio, private gallery and...Read More

09 June, 2017
Scale and Substance

Just inside this south harbour Sydney home by Australian architect Kerry Phelan, a sinuous, sculpted stairway complete with brass detailing...Read More

09 June, 2017
Home School

The Yoga School in Singapore by Brewin Design Office exudes the intimacy and warmth of an abode — not surprising...Read More

Web exclusives

15 January, 2018
After the Deluge

Hong Kong doesn’t have a strong tradition of public art. While this is partly due to its lack of public...Read More

11 January, 2018
The Knikno House

Two intersecting lines meet to form a perpendicular. In essence, the Knikno House was designed on this basic geometric principle....Read More

09 January, 2018
Tokyo Seeds

Tokyo may be a dizzying sprawl of a megalopolis but there is perhaps one useful tool that helps make sense...Read More

28 December, 2017
White Design- Bloom Design Studio

A white wall is a perfect canvas for the interplay of light and shadow. Bloom Design recently crafted a subtle...Read More