Issue 5

Some highlights from our current issue, as well as a few extra images we just couldn’t squeeze in.


Openings / New design stores in Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo
Products / New collections and collaborations
Read / Upcoming and recent books on design, art, interiors, urbanity and architecture from the world’s best publishers
Curated / A selection of our some of our favourite pieces from Design Shanghai
Textile Collection / Jim Thompson’s new creative director
Ou Baholyodhin celebrates the company’s heritage
Cultural Space, Buenos Aires / A house of culture and
creativity emerges among the historic boulevards of Argentina’s
capital city
Creative Space, Hong Kong / A mouldering industrial
space has found new life thanks to a creative Hong Kong
Work Space / Changing dynamics in how we work are
leading to new office typologies. Jonathan Bell reports on the
co-working trend in Europe and Hong Kong
Studio / A young furniture company in China is turning heads
with its contemporary reproduction of classics under new
creative directors Neri&Hu


Hanoi / Our regular travel guide for designers. This edition features the most stylish and inspiring places to stay, shop, eat and drink in Hanoi, Vietnam
Openings / Designer hotels around the world
Hotel, Hong Kong / A new type of concept hotel opens in
Hong Kong with an emphasis on all things local


Exhibition, Hong Kong / A new gallery opens in Hong
Kong and devotes its inaugural exhibition to an artist-cum-beekeeper
Installation, Hong Kong / Renowned designer Joyce Wang
talks to us about her recent collaboration with crystal producers


Australia / Designer Debra Little transforms a rustic shack
into an impressive contemporary weekend hideaway
Los Angeles / Thai architect Kulapat Yantrasast allows us
an intimate peek into the home he designed for himself
Mumbai / Architect Rajiv Saini overcomes structural
limitations to impart stately sophistication upon this pied-àterre
with stunning views over the Arabian Sea
Newport Beach / Deborah Oppenheimer counters bad
energy with good design in an opulent beachside mansion


Learning Space, Singapore / Thomas Heatherwick’s first
major new building in Asia introduces a new design approach
to learning spaces in the technology era
Social Architecture / Distinguished architects have come
together to rebuild coastal communities in Japan
Q&A / We speak with Bill Bensley about the foundational
principles and unique design philosophy that drive his practice
Hong Kong / Rebecca Lo explores the starchitect phenomenon
in the context of Hong Kong’s abundant local talent


The Flâneur / A Flâneur is an urban explorer — a connoisseur of the street. In our rotating column, guests share their musings, observations and critiques of the urban environment in cities around the world. Jessica Vahrenkamp, urbanist and Design Anthology’s
new assistant editor, is this issue’s Flâneur