Issue 14

Some highlights from our current issue, as well as a few extra images we just couldn’t squeeze in.


Openings / New store openings from Jakarta to Tokyo and Hong Kong to Bangalore
Products / New collections and collaborations
Read / Our selection of the best new art and design titles from some of the world’s best publishers
Curated / A few of our favourite products from Thai designers
Urban Transformation / On the banks of the Chao Phraya, a new design for the Bank of Thailand looks to convert a previously exclusive institution into a gathering place for the masses
Urban Regeneration / Creative ferment is
running amok in one of Bangkok’s oldest neighbourhoods, much to our delight. Simon N Ostheimer reports on exciting new developments along Charoenkrung
Creative Studios / We visit the Sukhumvit
studio of ceramicist Aor Suttiprapha, who views
her craft as a meditative act
Wine Bar, Ayutthaya / In the ancient Thai capital, a multi-sensorial wine pavilion awaits
Product Design / PiN Metal Life combines
industrial waste with an artist’s eye to create
lighting designs unlike anything you’ve seen


Hotel, Hua Hin / Architect Duangrit Bunnag
has launched his own hotel brand with a refreshing take on comfort over narrative
Hotel, Bangkok / We speak with Yabu
Pushelburg, the design duo behind the interiors of the stunning new Park Hyatt Bangkok
Openings / The best of the new boutique and luxury designer hotels from around the world


Museum, Chiang Mai / Thailand’s first privately funded contemporary art museum opened last year to instantaneous acclaim, due
in no small part to its spectacular facade and
thought-provoking exhibits
Political Art / Art is inherently political —
a maxim particularly true in Thailand, where political upheaval has defined modern history. John Batten writes for us on how this has led to a ripe, open and diverse range of artistic expression throughout the country’s art scene


Chiang Mai / On the outskirts of Chiang Mai, a creative couple has built a treehouse retreat
filled with art and found objects
Bangkok / The extravagant shophouse home of interior designer Nitipattara Yensup is a feast
for the eyes
Bangkok / Architect Rachaporn Choochuey explores a new typology for Bangkok's iconic shophouses through this renovation, which combines living and working space within a serene environment in the middle of the city
Khao Yai / To appease a feng shui master, this holiday home has adopted an elegant, simple and unabashedly architectural design solution
Bangkok / We get a glimpse of Taipei transplant Eugene Yeh’s characterful private quarters in the Cabochon Hotel


Feminist Voices / With women the world over reporting low rates of motivation and support
in the architectural profession, it’s curious that Thailand sees such a disproportionate number of female graduates in its architecture programmes.
We take a look into why this is and examine the
special case of female architects in Thailand
New Typologies / While the shopping mall
model is on the downturn elsewhere, it is
flourishing in Asia with a new generation of
lifestyle malls having evolved to essentially fill
the role of community centres. We explore two
standout examples in Bangkok
Community Architecture / Rejecting Western architectural theory, architect Chatpong Chuenrudeemol studies informal settlements, Bangkok love hotels and street hawkers in his quest to better understand true Thai vernacular
Archtivists / Estudio Cavernas adopts a
counterintuitive approach that favours human input over efficiency as it seeks to improve the lot of displaced populations on the Thai-
Burmese border


The Flâneur / A flâneur is an urban explorer — a connoisseur of the street. In our rotating column, guests share their musings, observations and critiques of the urban environment in cities around the world. Researcher and urban planning lecturer at Bangkok’s Kasetsart University Bart Lambregts is this issue’s flâneur