Issue 8

Some highlights from our current issue, as well as a few extra images we just couldn’t squeeze in.


Openings / New design stores in Chengdu, Kuala Lumpur and Hangzhou
Products / New collections and collaborations
Read / Upcoming and recent books on design, art, interiors, urbanity and architecture from the world’s best publishers
Curated / A selection of some of our favourite pieces to make your travel experience more pleasant — and stylish
Restaurant, Taipei / An exclusive interview with director of Taipei-based design studio tAMINN Jensen Chiu about the firm’s latest commission: a refined tapas bar with a modern take on the European-style gathering scene
Hotel, Tokyo / Under the veteran guidance of Hong Kong architect Andre Fu, contemporary art installations combine with refined finishings for a sophisticated ambiance in a Four Seasons Hotel lobby, Tokyo
Retail, Chengdu / Taiwanese designer Chu Chih Kang tapped the Chinese epic Journey to the West to inspire his cave-like design of Fangsuo’s flagship retail environment in Chengdu’s Taikoo Li
Airport Lounges / Ilse Crawford’s new business- and first-class lounges for Cathay Pacific seek to redefine luxury travel by bringing the experience a bit closer to home
Studio / Our regular feature on craftspeople behind the scenes visits the heartland of American furniture manufacturing for an inside look at Baker Furniture and its unique approach to remaining top of the class in luxury furnishings


Home Sharing / The hotel industry is undergoing transformation, due in large part to the disruption of peer-to-peer alternative accommodation services like Airbnb. A new creatives-oriented house-swapping option adds its own spin to the mix with a members-only collection of curated spaces
Ryokan, Hokkaido / A new ryokan set amidst the snow-capped peaks of Hokkaido in northern Japan offers a contemporary update on the traditional Japanese inn experience
Sustainable Design / From the deep savannahs and marine reserves of Africa, we bring you three superb examples of wildlife and safari operators who demonstrate that choosing the sustainable option doesn’t have to mean compromising on comfort
Design School / On a remote island off the southeast coast of Sweden, Carl Malmsten established an independent design school to promote Scandanavian form. Kunsik Choi, a student of the programme, writes for us about his personal and professional journeys that converged here
Hotel, Yogyakarta / A new hotel in Indonesia’s cultural capital offers guests the opportunity to immerse themselves fully in the local Maker Movement
Openings / The best of the new boutique and luxury designer hotels from around the world


Hotel Art Collections / With cultural tourism on the rise, the hospitality industry is finding new and interesting ways to engage with the art world. We report on the trend through diverse examples in China, Israel and Australia
Art in Architecture / Hong Kong art collector William Lim speaks personally about the intrinsic connection between art and architecture, and how the two collide in his award-winning architectural practice


Singapore / Returning to the city of her childhood, designer Sara Story breathes new life into a colonial black-and-white, drawing on the homeowners’ extensive Asian art collection and the Anglo-Japanese aesthetic
Vietnam / We bring you the traditional Hmong dwelling of Lê Hong Thai: scholar, artist and cloistered country gentleman
Thailand / With a style inspired by Mies van der Rohe, Thai architect Duangrit Bunnag creates a restful retreat on a quiet woodland beach in southern Thailand
New Zealand / Set deep within the dunelands of New Zealand’s North Island, this modern, low-slung beach house has it all: sea breezes, privacy and luxurious natural light


Vernacular Architecture / Thai architect Ong-ard Satrabhandhu creates spaces of retreat and serenity. With a style deeply rooted in the northern Thai Lanna tradition, he leverages the power of spatial proportion and repetition to induce a state of mental calm
Urban Renewal / From the Klang Valley in central Malaysia, we bring you the heart-warming story of Old Town Ipoh. Bucking the trend of new town developments, a group of alternative-minded developers is drawing on the city’s storied past in this revitalisation tale full of colourful characters, charming architectural ruins and local street food
Urban Design / Urbanist Christopher DeWolf tackles the topic of ‘wayfinding’, highlighting the challenges pedestrians face in Hong Kong and exploring the different approach London has taken in tackling the issue


The Flâneur / A Flâneur is an urban explorer — a connoisseur of the street. In our rotating column, guests share their musings, observations and critiques of the urban environment in cities around the world. Writer, editor and contemporary architecture and design critic Cathelijne Nuijsink is this issue’s Flâneur